Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) is a volunteer network of Anabaptist churches that responds in Christian love to those affected by disasters in Canada and the United States. While the main focus is on clean up, repair and rebuilding homes, this service touches lives and nurtures hope, faith and wholeness. Our programs, funded by contributions, aim to assist the most vulnerable community members, individuals and families who, without assistance, would not have the means to recover. MDS volunteers — women and men, youth and adults — provide the skills and labor needed to respond, rebuild and restore.

The West Coast Mennonite Men's Chorus has chosen to support the MDS efforts to rebuild homes destroyed by the recent horrendous fires in California, especially in Lake County.

The links below illustrate the work of MDS as they deliver the message of Christ in a very practical way to families devastated by fire and flood in California and throughout the United States. 

 Lake County, Calif. fire response (5:45 mins) - 


2018 MDS Project Report

Through Mennonite Disaster Service, the love of Christ rings in the pound of volunteers' hammers and brings hope to the hearts of people devastated by natural disaster.

In recent years wildfires have ravaged communities across the West. Mennonite Disaster Service has been there to restore the homes of survivors. Touched by the stories of the suffering of fire survivors, West Coast Mennonite Men's Chorus has directed their 2018 fundraising efforts to continue the work of rebuilding homes and communities

The California concerts raised some $23,200 to help with rebuilding efforts in California. The Midwest tour brought in another $14,200 for MDS's response to the 2018 fires in Oklahoma. The impact of the more than $35,400 raised will be multiplied as the funds provide housing, food, tools and trucks for hundreds of MDS volunteers from all over the U.S. and Canada who donate their time and talents.

People who experience restored hope regularly express heart-felt appreciation to MDS workers for their effort and sacrifice. This year that gratitude extends to the Men's Chorus and their audiences for their generous support of this ministry of hope.

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