The WCMMC has enjoyed a long history of singing for God’s glory and raising funds for relief work around the world.  In 2019 our offerings raised over $28,000 for Mennonite Disaster Service to help rebuild homes lost to the California wildfires.  For 2020 we had hoped to raise over $30,000.  However, due to the pandemic shutdown, we have not been able to present our concerts this year.  Yet the need goes on.


Everyone is aware of the awful wildfires burning across California, and much of the Western half of the US.  MDS stands ready to assist as possible.  We, as a chorus, want to continue to help raise funds for this effort, even though we are prevented from presenting our concerts this year.  Therefore, we have set up a special fundraising effort through our website, and our Facebook page, to make it easier for our friends and supporters to donate to MDS.  The Board made the decision to donate $10,000 from our sponsorships raised this year that were not needed for our concert season. If you would like to donate to this very important cause, please  click on the secure “Donate” link below, and you will be directed to a special page to make your donation directly to MDS..   Thank you for your support.


Welcome to The West Coast Mennonite Men's Chorus website! 

Now in our 43rd year, this group of committed men who love to sing have joined together to form the West Coast Mennonite Men's Chorus. Although rich in the Mennonite tradition of singing as a significant form or worship, this group now represents men from many walks of life and various churches who commit their time and talent to this time-honored endeavor. Centered in the Fresno, California area, singers come from surrounding cities and states to practice and perform. 

Several concerts are performed each year. Funds raised through free-will offerings at each concert help support the projects associated with disaster relief and humanitarian efforts throughout the world.  The chorus has been an active supporter of world relief projects throughout the chorus history; more than $550,000 has been raised to date. All funds raised go to directly to the project. The expenses associated with the operation of the chorus are covered through sponsor donations and underwriting by members of the chorus itself.

The mission of the WCMMC is to:

  • Glorify in song our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ
  • Meet spiritual needs through the ministry of music
  • Promote male singing in Mennonite congregations
  • Cultivate the common bonds of those who share Christian beliefs and traditions
  • Provide a choral forum for the celebration and expressions of the Christian faith
  • Support the world-wide relief and development efforts of Mennonite relief organizations.

We hope you are inspired and blessed as you hear our vocal message. Few experiences will rival the sound of this group as we lift our voices in praise.

The We are pleased to announce the following WCMMC Spring 2022 concert dates

Ben Certain -- Pianist

Ben Certain -- Pianist

Martha Willems -- Keyboard

Martha Willems -- Keyboard

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