Thanks to the generosity from friends and members of the chorus, we are able to pay for licensing fees for printed music, CD production, digital downloads, musician honorariums, and a host of other ongoing expenses. These expenses, particularly licensing fees, increase significantly as years go by.

The men who are members of the chorus give of their time and talent each year with no remuneration whatsoever. And yet, they are often the ones that give the most to help support the ongoing efforts of this fine organization.

Would you please join us in helping to further this cause by making a donation to WCMMC? There are many who may not believe they have the gift of singing, but may be able to help in a financial way. Your contribution will be greatly honored and appreciated. Not only does the Chorus support MDS, but it also promotes the honored tradition of mens' four-part harmony.

WCMMC is a non-profit organization; all donations are tax deductible.